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An online school to help product designers and makers learn sustainable business and creative skills from top experts who have built successful brands. Coming Soon!

Business Courses

Learn effective branding, marketing and growth strategies from successful designers and experienced teachers who have created successful brands. Get access to expert panels and their stories. Our courses are designed to give you strategies that you can implement immediately and start growing your business. 

Design & Craft Courses

Learn skills and techniques that help you create new lines of products and grow your brand. Our design and product classes range from fashion design and textile dyeing techniques to leatherwork and shoemaking. To teach these classes, we are bringing together teachers and designers who are masters of their craft.

Designer Community & More

Get access to our exclusive designer community where you can ask questions, share your knowledge and learn from other designers and makers. You will also have access to partner discounts, marketing articles and news. This community is a great resource to get the support you need to grow your business. 

  • Office hours to connect with your teachers and ask questions
  • Feature stories from makers
  • Lots more benefits that inspire and support you